Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 STEPS...

That's right... Jonas took 3 steps unassisted tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been using a walker regularly since the beginning of school, just to work on his balance. If he did not have mild cp on the left side, he would already be walking. So, I have some new shoes/boots for him since it is getting colder and they are wider at the sole. I had him standing after I changed his diaper and he stood for the longest time and then took one step initiated all by himself!!!!!!! I cheered soooo loud and he had the BIGGEST SMILE EVER!!! Then, we were at Ryan's parent's house tonight and he was standing again and took 2 more steps. WATCH OUT WORLD...JONAS WILL BE WALKING IN NO TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Selfishly I am hoping that he is walking by the time the next Haitian gathering is in Michigan. Dixie, the director of Jonas's orphanage, will be there and so will a lot of other people that have known Jonas since his arrival at GLA in May of '07. The gathering is Nov. 14, so we have some time to master walking... :-) ---------------------------------- (Below is a very cool poem that a friend of mine found online...It could not fit our situation more...)

"I'm sending you a child " God said, " to take care of for me.
you'll need patience, and understanding 'cause this child, he cannot see.
you'll learn the beauty of a smile,you see, his learning will be slow.
But with the love that you will give I know that he will grow.

This child will bring you pride and joy with each new thing he learns
though there will be times be brings you worries and concerns.
But you're the kind of parents that I know can make it through.
That is why I'm sending him to the two of you.

The lessons he will teach you not everyone will see,
because he will also have what's known as CP.
His learning will take effort and progress will be slow
but the love and joy he'll bring you few "normal" kid's parents know.

I'm not sending him because you've sinned, nor to punish you,
I'm sending him to you because I know you'll love him too.
This child is a special child I wouldn't place just anywhere,
I want him with a family I know will take good care.

And after searching wide and long the whole world through and through,
I decided that this gift of love would be sent from Heaven to you."

WE LOVE YOU JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Crowded House said...

that is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

awesome! what inspiration to wake up to this monday morning.
thank you! way to go jonas!

anna k said...

your son is perfect. im so happy hes taking steps and i know its because God couldn't have given him a better family. love you guys :)

Momto14 said...

beautiful :)

Jaime said...

You are a beautiful family that inspires me! I love the poem and I am SO excited for Jonas. I can only imagine the pride he felt within himself as he saw your cheering!!! Way to go Jonas, and keep up the good work Hubleys!

pinkdaisyjane said...

Hooray, Jonas!!