Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Song...

I have heard this song for quite a while, but I just started 'really' listening to the lyrics. In light of the issue with our school transportation and the road that lies ahead for all of my kids with 'special abilities'; this song is perfect. The title of my blog is Moving Mountains because this is what we have been doing since the birth of Hannah. Only with God's help and the drive that he has given me, I assure you that my 4 older children will have all of the rights and privileges that Luca will 'just be given', because he does not have any challenges.

I hope the school corporation does not hate me by the time all my kids have passed through!!! :-) But if they do, and my kids have not been shafted because I have fought for them, then I will be okay with being known as "that parent"!!! God has in-trusted these children to me and I will not let them down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh, heart beats faster just typing that! God has gifted me with a passion and a drive for those that the world deems as 'less', and watch out if you are in the way when it is released!!!!!!! :-0 lol...

**The one part of the song that doesn't totally fit is, "sometimes you're gonna have to lose". For those of you that know me well, and I am sure that it is a fault of mine, is that I do not take "no" very well. In my mind, "There has got to be a way!!!" I am sure that my mom got a lot gray hairs over the battles that I fought with them, because what they said, "just did not make sense to me"!!! :-) See Mom and Dad, God gifted me and you just had to refine 'the gift'!!! :-)

I love you both for raising me the way you did!!!!!!!!!!

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